Karen V.

San Mateo Plumbers Customer Testimonial

Last night, we had a disaster. At the convenient hour of 6:30pm, our shower and toilets all backed up and started flooding the house. Express Plumbing was here in an hour and got right to work.

Karen V.

( San Mateo, CA )

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Express Plumbing Client Testimonial

When our sewer backed up at 6:30p and there was a river of turds overflowing our shower drain and toilet I called Express Plumbing. Juan Sazo called me back within 10 minutes and was at our door 20 minutes later.


( San Mateo, CA )
EPS Inc. dba Express Plumbing customer review

EXCELLENT service! Chris gave SUPERIOR service! I called them mid day cause the original plumber that I called refused to change a water filter. He was super patient and explained everything, as well as the next best thing in case the filter broke down again.

Kay A.

( Burlingame, CA )
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