Potable Water Pipeline Inspections

EPS Express Plumbing provides Potable pipe Inspections and certification.  We use dedicated pipe and tank equipment to avoid cross contamination.  Our pipeline assessment and certification services are available in the Bay Area.  Contact us for your pipeline inspection and certification needs.

What is Potable Water?

Potable water is known as drinking water.  It is water that is safe to drink or use for food preparation.  The safety of drinking water is extremely important because individuals on average will consume one liter of water a day.  The amount of water consumed will increase during hot days and can increase up to 16 liter a day.

Water is essential for life, therefore it’s important to have a domestic potable water pipeline inspection performed and certified.

Potable Water Pipeline Assessment

Our certified team of inspectors specialize in potable water pipeline or tank inspection and assessment.  We check the overall quality, and condition of pipes and tanks in order to identify problems and possible contaminations early.  This assessment avoids potential health risks and issues.

We follow strict guidelines in our potable water inspections that meets all standards and requirements.

Read more about the California State Water Board’s assessment of the overall quality of water on the Safe Drinking Water Plan for California page.

Potable Water System Certification

Using advanced inspection equipment, we can inspect inside the portable domestic water system and provide a detailed assessment and final certification and measurements.

Our video inspection technology and equipment are the best in the industry!  We have the capability to pan, focus, tilt and zoom the pipeline inspection process inside a line during the assessment.  Our equipment is dedicated to potable water pipeline inspections only, and is never used on any other inspections to avoid cross-contamination.

Our crew of experienced technicians and our hands-on owner Nick Bechwati are the go to underground pipeline inspection contractors in the Bay Area.

Our potable water system inspection services are available in the Bay Area.  Public Works Departments, commercial clients, and residential clients consider us the Bay Area Potable water inspection contractor of choice.

Our expertise and equipment allow us to inspect any underground pipeline with dedicated equipment and provide a detailed assessment along with a certification you can rely on.

Contact us with any upcoming projects that require pipeline inspections in the Bay Area including Union City, San Leandro, Daly City, Newark, Foster city, Brisbane, San Francisco, and all surrounding areas.

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